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Have important legal questions?

LawBot answers all your legal questions fast and FREE!  

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Fast & Accurate information is priceless.

Legal consumers deserve speedy access to legal information that's accurate, concise, and free of charge. LawBot provides all of this and more! 

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Over 1,000,000 satisfied users connected this month!

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Use LawBot from any place at anytime on any device!
It's fast, It's easy, 
It's free!

Stop searching page after page on Google to get unreliable answers to your legal questions. LawBot will answer your questions accurately in seconds!

LawBot will provide real-time up to date information for quick and concise answers to most types of laws nationwide.
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Most legal consumers are terrified and confused when it comes to legal matters. The more information and legal help consumers can generate, the more knowledgeable they become thus causing less stress.

Quickly relieving your stress and anxiety will put you on the right path to handle any legal matter.

If legal consumers do choose to hire an attorney for help, LawBot makes it easy to educated yourself and understand your legal situation moving forward!
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Need a local attorney recommendation?
LawBot knows who to recommend locally based on your chat conversation and questions.

"LawBot" knows when you might need an attorney for help! 

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LawBot Attorneys
When you ask LawBot to recommend an attorney, we'll recommend a highly rated local attorney that is experienced and has a positive track record with your type of case and matter.

The attorneys we recommend offer FREE consultations to legal consumers that need help now. 

To get the legal answers you're looking for, or the experienced legal help you need, all you have to do is ask Lawbot. It's fast, It's easy, and its FREE!
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Why our users love Swift!

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"I needed an attorney fast, LawBot helped quick. Thanks Swift! 

Went out, got drunk and decided to drive home. Not a good idea, got a DUI in Orange County and lost my license on the spot. I drive a truck and almost lost my job, had so many questions! LawBot is the real deal! 

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DUI - Criminal Law

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