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LawBot Listing
LawBot Listing

LawBot will recommend your law firm to thousands of our daily local legal consumers!

Legal consumers want answers NOW to their important legal questions.

Users are interacting and asking LawBot questions for a reason. They obviously have an important legal issue or matter. LawBot can answer all their general questions, but only a local attorney can help them directly with their legal. 
LawBot always recommends contacting an attorney for important legal matters. Let us recommend your firm.

90 Day Exclusive Listing
$295.00 all inclusive!  No Lead Fees!

Listing includes:
Live on LawBot in 48 hours.
Guaranteed 10 exclusive leads per month.
Exclusive listing by law type and county.
Free analytics after 30 days.
Free changes or edits to your firm listing.
Communicates in 30 languages.
Offers attorney text or call for every user.
No monthly charges or lead fees! 

LawBot On Computer
LawBot On Phone
LawBot Breakthrough Award

List your firm exclusively on LawBot and watch the leads pour in from users needing legal help!

Your "Exclusive" listing on LawBot is huge! When a firm or attorney is listed on LawBot, they're not competing with hundreds of other attorneys or firms like a Google listing.  

Your LawBot attorney listing exclusively recommends your firm only. This means incredible exposure for your firm without having to paying crazy Google PPC costs.

LawBot Recommendation

Your listing will be seen by thousands of local legal consumers on any device 24 hours a day. Your listing will include details like Firm & Attorney Names, Experience, Firm Contact Information, Website Links, and reviews. Everything needed for users to be quickly connected to your firm by phone or website.

LawBot Logo

LawBot AI has been trained to scan the chat for "Key Words and Phrases" that determine if the user needs legal counsel. When LawBot determines that the user might need an attorney for help, LawBot will always notify the user and offer a recommendation of a local attorney that specializes in the users legal questions and law type. 

When users request an attorney recommendation from LawBot, we will your exclusive listing with attorney, firm, and contact information in seconds. We even ask 
users if they would like to be called or text back by your firm.

LawBot Attorney

Users connect to you and your attorney firm quick!

LawBot Attorney Website

LawBot analytics have showed us that after your recommended listing is sent to the user, the user visits your listed website within six seconds.

Understands and communicates in 30 Worldwide Languages

LawBot Language
LawBot Spanish
LawBot Language

LawBot can communicate with users is 30 languages. Just tell LawBot the language you prefer and it changes instantly

More than just a listing!

LawBot Social

LawBot not only recommends you and your firm, we supply users with information and reviews, social media links, and even a map location link. Soon, LawBot will be able to connect users directly with your firm by phone!

Coming Soon To LawBot!

LawBot Phone Call

LawBot will be able to connect users directly from the LawBot chat session to your firm. With our "AI Quick Connect" phone option, users will be able to connect immediately to your firm by phone with no wait. 

LawBot User Follow Up Text!

LawBot Women On IPhone
LawBot Texting

After each chat session, an automated text is sent directly to user. This text confirms that the users questions were answered, and confirms users made contact with the recommended attorney supplied by LawBot. If the user did not contact your firm, LawBot will ask the user for their phone number. This user telephone number will be sent directly to your firm to make contact by text or phone call.

LawBot analytics anytime!

LawBot Analytics
LawBot Analytics

LawBot analytics are always available to our listed attorneys and firms. After 30 days of placement, attorneys can access this information at anytime. Analytics including users, inquiries, and how many times "LawBot" recommended your firm are always at your fingertips. LawBot analytics are state of the art, we can even supply your website clicks, incoming click platforms, traffic by device, and specific geographical information from the LawBot chat paltform.  

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 Exclusive Listing Prices 

All Inclusive, No Monthly or Lead Fees

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Call For Availability
Call For Availability
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"AI will change everything for everyone. LawBot and 
Interface Ai will lead the way. So impressed with this company."

Kevin O'Leary
"Mr. Wonderful"

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